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Meet Your Host!

My wife and I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We have two wonderful boys (currently age 10 and 12). We love to travel and have been all over the United States and a good bit of Europe with our two boys. They are veteran travelers! I have had the opportunity to travel around the US for business and have frequently taken my family. My mother is from the lovely country of Luxembourg, and still has close relatives there, so we have had the opportunity to explore many of the neighboring areas throughout Belgium, France and Germany. I can speak a little bit of French and a tiny bit of German. My brother spent about 8 years in England and I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to visit him in this most beautiful of countries on several occasions. Our family would rarely travel to the same destination repeatedly with the exception of Orlando (there is just so much to do!). A few years ago we traveled to Disney World with our family and 3 grand-parents (7 of us total). My wife had the brilliant idea to rent a vacation home and we all enjoyed it so much, we decided to look into purchasing our own. We did so well with our first vacation property and had so much fun, that we decided to try a second one and see if we could duplicate our success. Things went so well with the second property that we have decided to sell all our long-term rentals in Pittsburgh and buy more vacation properties in Florida and this is our main business now. Our family usually enjoys one or two trips a year to one of our beautiful homes in Orlando, and the rest of the year we rent them out for others to enjoy!